Hi everyone, complete noob here with ZCS 7 install at our HQ offices and I'm trying to show them what all they can do with it. I'm a new user myself, but I know we can use it for way more than we currently do.

HQ runs the server/ZCS software and we have 40+ stores as accounts, each store will have a list under "Tasks" of customers who need followups. They are concerned, however, that we can't download and edit the list.

I see that you can export your tasks list as a .tgz file for backup. We want to be able to find the last export/backup, use and edit the information offline (important customer data), and import to update when we gain connection again.

So basically:
  • Has anyone had success with exporting Tasks and editing it with another program?
  • Is it possible to have Tasks export as a .CSV or .XLS format?