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Thread: Errors and problems with Roadmap/Product Portal

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    Lightbulb Errors and problems with Roadmap/Product Portal

    Frequently on this forum, users are recommended to visit the Roadmap at Zimbra Product Management Portal to see what changes are being implemented, the state of bugs/new features, and rough timescales.

    However, whilst the product portal and reasonably open development is laudable; the portal is often unreliable. In my experience the main page is poorly updated, and entries are often not updated until sometime after releases.

    Currently, there are a number of confusing errors and problems to be resolved:

    1) 'Target milestone' is often not completed for individual bugs/enhancement requests; for example this bug - Bug 47955 - ZD minimize to notification area - is targeted for IronMaiden. But it has no 'target milestone' entry. I only know by doing an advanced search of IronMaiden.

    Thus, users have to work backwards to discover when their desired features are planned to be implemented. This is wholly inadequate, confuses paying users, and wastes time in unnecessary questions arising in forums and bug reports.

    2) Zimbra CS Patch 7.1.0 is stated as being 'future', but has already been released.

    3) Zimbra CS 7.1 has been seemingly incorrectly entered - it has no bugs itself in the main screen, they are all entered only within 'patches' - which is inconsistent with the usual product entry; as a result, it is not clear if the 7.1 'GA' release has already surfaced, or which future 'patch' represents GA?

    4) Zimbra Desktop is stated as being 'committed', but has already been released!

    5) Whilst meanwhile, Zimbra Desktop Patch 7.0.1 has apparently been released on 03/09/2011, though in fact it doesn't (yet) exist, and contains no bugs, and wasn't released.
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    I agree with your observations. I'd suggest talking to your sales representative and/or opening a case in the support portal to raise the profile of this issue.

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