I'm having a problem with our test Zimbra Open Source Edition test server.
Here is the zmcontrol -v: Release 7.1.0_GA_3140.RHEL5_20110329150824 CentOS5 FOSS edition

This was setup so we could be a little familiar with the upgrade to and changes in ZCS 7.1.0 before upgrading our Network Edition.

We did some testing with IE6 using Standard HTML client. Occasionally an email with an attachment will get forwarded and drop the attachment.
Instead we get an 'Unknown <text/plain>' attachment that contains the text of the email. The original email is text only sent from a Canon all-in-one scanner and when forwarded it's also set to be text only. I have seen the issue using Standard HTML client on Firefox but we're having it happen more often with IE6.

Has anyone else seen any issue like this?
I know the Standard HTML client is not used very frequently, but we do have some users that cannot upgrade from IE6 and we cannot easily deploy Firefox to.