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Thread: Remote ical UTF8

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    Default Remote ical UTF8

    Has anyone tried to add a remote ical in UTF8?

    I'm trying to add the following calendar

    But all the entries show up as gibberish (mojibake). Is this a bug?
    I'm using zcs-4.0.2_GA_362.RHEL4

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    It should work. Are you trying from iCal or via the Web UI. In either case best bet is to file a bug in bugzilla.
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    Sorry if that was unclear. I'm using the webUI.
    Click on Calendar
    Click on New
    Select "Synchronize appointments from remote calendar"
    and enter the url above.

    When the new calendar appears, the Japanese characters are not displayed properly. I opened the file from the URL in a text editor and the characters are displayed fine.

    Submitted as bug 11448
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