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    I am currently using Axigen but have just downloaded and installed Zimbra and it's looking good so far.

    One feature that Axigen has though is the ability to set the ooo autoresponder to respond only once to any email address. Although this may seem a minor thing, when one of my users forgot to set this, she bounced thousands of emails back and forth with someone who hadn't got this option.

    Is there a way of setting this in Zimbra?

    Many thanks


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    Welcome to the forums,

    Did zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration somehow get set to 0? Which would send an out-of-office notification in response to every email received. (Default is 7 days.)

    Intended functionally: Duplicate away messages will not be sent to the same user in the given interval of x days. On day x+1, if they send that account an email, they would again get back another notification.

    zmprov gc COSname | grep OutOfOffice
    zmprov mc COSname zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 7d
    zmprov ga | grep OutOfOffice
    zmprov ma zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration 7d (Assuming 7.1.0 since you just downloaded.)

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