I installed zimbra without a hitch, pretty much.
however, due to the current network admins setup here, the DNS is still not working for the site inside our local network. At my house, i tried going to http://curley.quirkservice.com and got a "forbidden" error message.

does anyone know the quick fix for this?

Here is what i want the final set up to be like:
- http://mail.quirkservice.com goes to zimbra
- http://www.quirkservice.com, http://quirkservice.com goes to another webserver
- if i send mail to drogers@quirkservice.com, i want it to go to zimbra
- I would like ebay.qurkservice.com to point to another directory on the zimbra machine

Here is what i have so far:
- curley.quirkservice.com is what i installed zimbra with
- the dns is configured to send the correct traffic to the correct box (i think)
- i have the mx record for quirkservice.com pointing to the zimbra machine

is that all it takes for mail going to quirkservice.com to be sent to the zimbra machine?

do i need to add quirkservice.com as a server in the zimbra admin settings?

is it possible to set up a virtual domain to have the ebay.quirkservice.com subdomain exist on the same server?