Hi. Hoping someone may have a suggestion here:

Situation is I use my iPad (sometimes iPhone) almost exclusively throughout the day for e-mail (IMAP account) and as I receive hundreds of e-mails I use filters to sort them accordingly. This poses a problem as in Zimbra Web Interface I use the "is:unread" in the default search so it only shows me unread e-mails. The iPad/iPhone however only alerts to mails in the inbox and not the folders below without actually openeing them and refreshing. There is an unread folder BUT as usefull as it is I can read and reply to mails from there etc BUT I cannot mark them read.

GMail has a solution to this problem with the ALL MAIL folder which just grabs all the mail (links I guess) and displays them there. Essentially I'm looking to try emulate that or be able to mark the messages as read in the unread folder in the Zimbra account which should move them out.

I'm not joking when I say hundreds of mails a day and I also have a whack of folders as well to keep it organised otherwise my inbox within hours becomes unmanageable and I miss a lot of e-mails I expect at exact times etc because I have to look through a quickly filling inbox so folders/filters are my only choice to remain sane.

Any solutions or better ideas? All appreciated!