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Thread: Confused with folders

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    Angry Confused with folders

    I am confused with the use of Folders in Zimbra. I'm a user of version 6.0, and I usually organize my emails using folders. These are the problems that I have:

    1) When I put a discussion in a folder, if I receive a reply to it, it comes back to Inbox. Even after I have read it, it doesn't go back to the folder. Is there a way to make it only appear in that folder?

    2) When I put a discussion in a folder, and then I search for a keyword in inbox, that discussion shows up. I don't want it to show up. How can I exclude folders from my search?

    3) When I move a discussion to a folder, I expect my "sent" emails in that discussion to not be in sent folder, but they are. How can I move them from sent folder to the other folder, completely?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1) Conversations in Zimbra Web Client span all folders. This is why you can have a conversation showing your replies alongside the incoming mail. If you turn off conversation view, you'll see that the messages that you've filed do remain in their assigned folder. They appear in the inbox in conversation view because that's what conversation view is supposed to do.

    2) To exclude a given folder, use not in:<foldername>. E.g. deadline not in:Sent. To only include a specific folder, use in:<foldername>. Again, if at least one message in a conversation is found by the search, then all the messages will appear in the results, if you're using discussion view. Use message view to only see the specific messages.

    3) There's a lot of discussion about this in bugzilla. E.g. bugs 4234, 2945, 54132, 427, 15988, 23518, and their duplicates. Basically, as I understand it, the designed behavior is as follows:

    • If you move a conversation to a folder, all messages in the discussion will be moved to that folder.

    • EXCEPTION: messages in Sent, Trash, or Junk will not be moved.

    • EXCEPTION TO THE EXCEPTION: If you do the move while viewing the conversation in Sent, Trash, or Junk, then the messages in that folder will be moved.

    If you'd like different behavior to at least be an option, you might want to vote for bug 23518.

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