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Thread: [SOLVED] Zimbra Problems

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    Default [SOLVED] Zimbra Problems

    I installed Zimbra today. I want to replace another Unified Messaging System which runs under Windows with Zimbra.

    I've got a host system with an Intel Core i7 920, 8GB RAM, 750GB HDD.
    Because of I don't want to install it directly on this system I created a vServer with OpenVZ.
    It can use 4 CPU Cores and I limited the RAM to 5GB.
    I installed the Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS AMD64 on this machine and downloaded and installed the open source version of Zimbra.

    After the installation (i didn't installed all features, only them I need) there were only 1GB RAM free anymore.
    I think it's a bit too much, because I use it for private use and only with about 3 users. (Some clients, many E-Mail accounts to manage, Calendar and Contacts so Zimbra would be perfect for this. No configuration on the client needed.)
    Is there any way to decrease teh amount of used RAM?

    Also another problem: I restarted the vServer and Zimbra doesn't start again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by virtualmarc View Post
    Also another problem: I restarted the vServer and Zimbra doesn't start again.
    You will have seen (if you search the forums) that OpenVZ is not a supported platform for Zimbra (you may, or may not, get it working), I'd suggest you use something like ESXi (there's a free version) and create a VM for your Zimbra server on that platform. You should also realise that any linux machine will use all the RAM that's available on your server before using any swap space, if you use a VM then you can certainly have Zimbra running in 2-4GB of RAM - read the Quick Start Installation Guide for the system requirements.


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    Ok, thanks for the answer, I will try it with another tool.
    VMWare ESXi is not supported by the company where I bought the server, so I will try it with another software (VirtualBox) that I'm using for Windows for the old Unified Messaging System.

    Now it works with less RAM usage.
    But it doesn't restart because of a small error:
    Host localhost
    Unable to determine enabled services from ldap.
    Enabled services read from cache. Service list may be inaccurate.
    Starting ldap...Done.
    ldap_url and ldap_master_url cannot be the same on an ldap replica
    Edit 2:
    Fixed. localconfig.xml has the wrong user rights!
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