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Thread: Problem with embedded images

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    Default Problem with embedded images

    Hi there,

    Ive searched the forums, and while i see many relevent threads about this topic, they are all old and mostly unresolved.

    We are using 7.1.1 NE, all our users are using ZWEB as their main interface to the system.

    Our default is to compose in HTML, and automatically download HTML images.
    Now, when a user drags/drops an image into an email, and sends it to a user within out system, they get the email in HTML, but with NO images included.
    However, checking the zimbra account via imap with thunderbird, the images apear just fine.

    Also, if i compose an email in thunderbird and included embedded images, and send it to a user within zimbra - they get those images just fine.

    So it looks to be something within zweb, mosreso, the compose window, and how the images are handled when sent.

    Does anyone else have this problem? surely it must be a hot action item to be fixed? I just cant see what else to try to get it working...



    Firefox, allows drag/drop images to the compose window.... google chrome - doesnt (flat out rejects it)... safari, accepts the drag/drop, but links the image as file:///home/user/pictures/blah.jpg instead of the actual image.

    but - if i go "add attachment" and then click on the "show images in body of email" - then this works... the images appear embedded when the recipient views them

    It seems like a bug to me, if you allow drag/drop embedding of images from a browser, then they should be handled the same way as adding the attachment and viewing it in the body...
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    the feature is not fully supported yet, see

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