I hope I'm posting this in the right forum - I didn't really see another one that fits, so please point me to the right place if I'm not already there

Ok, so here's the story: At my job, we use Zimbra as our email/calendar solution. I have an Android Phone (droid charge). I have successfully configured a "corporate" account for my zimbra email, and it syncs my contacts, calendar, and email no problem. However, it only syncs my primary calendar. I have two other calendars that I use for work, but can't get them to sync - I can't even see them to select them!

So, one of the calendars is my personal one. I decided to export that one (ics file) and import it in to my personal google account that is tied to my phone. Doing this allows me to see both my Zimbra calendar and my Google calendar on my Android device. I'm not concerned about the 3rd calendar I mentioned earlier - that one isn't as critical as these two.

Now the problem is that I don't see all of my calendars in one interface when I'm on my computer(s). So, I decided to sync my google calendar in Zimbra. In my Google Calendar settings, I obtained the private URL for the iCal feed of my calendar. I went in to my Zimbra account, created a new calendar, selected "Synchronize appointments from remote calendar" and put that URL in there. It created the calendar, but not all of the appointments show up - pretty much only certain annual appointments show up (birthdays, anniversaries, etc). Next, I tried downloading the ICS file from my private URL and importing it directly into a new calendar in Zimbra. When I did that, ALL of the appointments showed up - not just the annual ones.

Anyone have any ideas that might help? Can I provide any more info that might help?