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Thread: Can't see HTML messages with external images in 7.1.1?

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    Default [SOLVED] Can't see HTML messages with external images in 7.1.1?

    After upgrading to 7.1.1 P2 we are having an issue with messages that have external image links. Upon opening the message we get the yellow bar that says "External images are not displayed. Display Images - Always display images sent from or".

    The problem is that nothing happens when I click on the "Display Images" link or on the "" or "" links. When I hover over them with my mouse I get a "javascript:void(0);" message down in the browser status bar. The email appears to be blank, but I can view it by right-clicking and choosing "Show Original". The message also shows up if I try to reply or forward it.

    This only occurs when using the Advanced web client with the display set as HTML in the user preferences. If I use the basic client or switch the display to Text the message opens. If I go to preferences and check the "Display pictures automatically in HTML Email" option the yellow bar disappears but I am left with only a blank message.

    Does anyone have any ideas? This is happening in both Firefox 5.0.1 and IE 8.
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