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Thread: Font Sizes are gone when Printing HTML e-Mails

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    Question Font Sizes are gone when Printing HTML e-Mails

    Hi all,
    I've noticed that all text in HTML e-mails gets the same font size when the message is printed, although the font sizes are rendered correctly when viewing the e-mail inside Zimbra.
    I've composed various messages on my server and sent them to my Zimbra account; I have tried to format the font size with CSS, in pixels and points and ems, I even put a 'style="font-size:15px;"' in every HTML tag - but whatever I try, I only get an overall 8pt (or whatever size I select in my orions) for everything. Colors, bold/italic etc. work fine, just the font sizes are ignored...

    Is there any way to convince Zimbra to accept the font sizes in incoming HTML e-mails when printing them?

    Thank you.

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    hi !

    i have the exact same problem ! i just open a thread too :
    fyi we use zimbra NE v6.0.10 french under ubuntu (FRANCE,Amiens)

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