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Thread: Webmail: Contact Group sorting order

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    Default Webmail: Contact Group sorting order

    In the Address book, when you set up a group list the group members aren't in any particular order. (see my screen shot) This makes it difficult to scan a large list to make sure someone is on it. Any way to get it to alphabetize?

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    Unfortunately, when creating a contact group, the list does not automatically alphabetize. when adding contacts.

    A work around would be to manually remove each contact then add them in the desired order.

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    I definitley think this is a feature worth persuing in a future release. As both a user and someone who supports end users, asking them to remove 50+ contacts from a list and manually add them back to get them alphabetized is not acceptable. Especially because when they need the organization is when they need to remove or add new users to the group.

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