In 7.1.1, when I schedule a recurring event I don't always get notified of all future conflicts. I am trying to schedule a location for an event once a week starting now and running through the end of next year. When I go to save (Send) the event, I get the popup window showing all of the conflicts, however not all of them are there, only some of them show up. If I cancel the conflicts and save the event it shows up on my calendar, but the location's calendar won't auto-accept it like normal. I have to manually accept it and when I do it allows the location to be double booked for the instances that I was not initially notified about.

This doesn't always happen, it only seems to be for events that are recurring for months into the future. It always seems to notify me of the conflicts that are coming the the soonest in the future, but at some random point it seems to quit finding them. Has anyone seen this behavior? Is there some setting for how far into the future Zimbra checks for conflicts?