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Thread: Problem in sending email messages with Smileys

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    Default Problem in sending email messages with Smileys


    Following are the things happening for few emails. I am using Outlook as my zimbra client.

    1) I have a problem in sending emails with smileys. The recepients receive their emails without smileys. We know how important a smiley is, when we are trying to play jokes with the recepients.

    2) The other problem is the format of the sent email is missing. If I send an email with Arial font, When I see the same email in my SENT folder, I see that in a different font.

    Please help me what to do in these issues. Is this a problem with Outlook?
    Does Zimbra support sending smileys in an email?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Please attach samples!

    Please attach a sample message with non-displayed smileys and different font. (Right-click, "Show Original", save to disk, attach to posting...)
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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    It depends on the recipient's e-mail settings, and the source from which the smilies are coming from.
    If they are attached to the e-mail, then you shouldn't have a problem; however, if you are linking to the smilies from an external source from which the receipeint doesn't have access, then they won't appear
    (example <img src=file://c:/windows/>)

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    Default Smileys

    Where do i find smileys to include in the email

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