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Thread: [Question-Help] iPhone Gobal Address List No Name

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    Default [Question-Help] iPhone Gobal Address List No Name

    I have a problem.
    Could you help me?

    iPhone, Safari browser used.
    when search Global Address List, Name is not displayed correctly
    name field are displayed actually "없음" which means null in Koeran.
    But, results are displayed, anyway without name field.

    - os ver : 4.3
    - browser : safari
    - test scenario
    * serach tab> input world > select "Global address list"
    > click search burton
    ** result
    <None> <== The value of this field is the name field. However, the results are displayed as none

    Thank you.

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    Both of your posts were in the wrong forum, the Translations forum is for discussions about translating ZImbra to a local language. I'll move your posts to the correct forum.


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