Hello. Here's a weird one. My Zimbra 7.1.1_GA_3196 (build 20110527001604) server recently needed a new certificate so I installed a new starfield certificate using the admin GUI and happily it actually worked*!

So everything on Zimbra's side is working fine, the problem is now my Android 2.2 phone does not accept the new starfield root certificate so now I cannot send outgoing mail!! The only options are to view/continue/cancel when going through the settings. View shows the cert issue. Continue just goes on forever with new windows asking the same "view/continue/cancel" and cancel just leaves me where I started.

So really this is something best posted on an Android forum, but I thought I'd check here too in case anyone else has had this issue and found a solution to it.

* previous certificates would not install from the GUI and I always ended up having to install them via cmd line. This time it was nice and simple!