While normally using the zimbra webclient, I started to play around with Zimbra IMAP and Apple Mail.

The setup of Zimbra, IMAPS and the Apple Mail client was surprisingly not that complicated.
A bleep from my laptop indicated that mails were coming into the laptop.
Replying/sending also worked.

Wow! it works....

Until I realized that the client was seemingly downloading ALL messages in my zimbra mailbox plus those in shared mailboxes I've access to. All 5 years of it, no wonder the laptop started to huff.

In Apple Mail, I found a quota list showing all the folders and subfolders, but I can't set/alter limits.
There's also a subscription list where I suppose I would select the folders to download/monitor. but it is empty. This, I think, because the download was not complete when I interrupted it.

How can I limit the number of messages or folders that get downloaded?

apple mail = mail 5.0 = os x lion
zimbra = see above

best regards