At various points until earlier this year, Workspaces had been touted for Zimbra 8.

However, none of the bugs for Workspaces are roadmapped at all now.

Please could we have an update on this concept and whether it's been dropped / suspended / or in the works for 8 (or 9)?

This concept would be so incredibly useful to most Zimbra users imho, it's hard to conceive why it is gone or on the backburner.

Even if it was implemented initially without bells and whistles (using mostly existing code) it would be far superior to groups than using 'shared folder' workarounds.

BACKGROUND: 'workspaces' was an idea floated since 2009 for project/group-orientated interface. Effectively a multi-user Zimbra account, except that the account would be for a specific group/project, with many users.

Each workspace would have an inbox, briefcase, contacts, calenders etc... of its own. Changes and history would be logged - including which user made changes.

There would be other enhancements - such as the ability to discuss/comment upon various items such as files. There would also be forums (discussions), activity feeds, and a dashboard.