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Thread: Sales material for migration from MS Exchange to Zimbra OSE

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    Default Sales material for migration from MS Exchange to Zimbra OSE

    I'm not talking about dollar amounts, I'm looking for presentations, paperwork or videos that high-level CxO's can review and decide for themselves if it is worth trading in their Microsoft Exchange (2003) server for a Zimbra 7.1.2 OSE server. It is easy to show the differences between OSE and the Network Edition and exactly how much $$ it would cost so that is not what I'm looking for at this moment.

    Change is usually an uphill battle. Kicking Outlook to the curb in exchange for Zimbra Desktop / Webmail needs to have a lot of pluses compared to continued use of the existing mail server.

    I found out about Zimbra not too long ago and I've been wrapped up in trying to get a working installation onsite and have finally done it (don't try using VirtualBox on Win7, it is a waste of time!)

    Whatever materials you can send my way that is intended for decision makers would be great.

    EDIT: Here is a list of things I've found so far:

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