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    Hi everyone i want know if is possible exctract from zimbra server every address email that i configure, i use outlook i would like extract from zimbra every address and after import on outlook.thx

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    In Zimbra you should have at least two addressbooks:
    1) Contacts (Main addressbook)
    2) Emailed contacts (an addressbook with any contacts you have emailed automatically added).
    3) Any addressbooks that you, or your server manager, have created or shared from others.

    To get those contacts out of Zimbra and into Outlook you need to do the following:

    1) Open Zimbra (Desktop or Web client).
    2) In the top row of tabs, click on 'Preferences'
    3) In the left hand column click on 'Import / Export'
    (you may have to pick the right account first, if you have several
    4) In the 'Export' section, select 'type' as 'Contacts'
    5) You will now see a list next to 'Contacts' which lets you say what type of contact the exported list is for - in your case you should choose 'Outlook Contacts' or 'Outlook 2003 Contacts' depending upon your version of Outlook.
    6) Also in the 'Export' section, click on 'Source'
    and select the Addressbook you wish to export to Outlook (i.e. Contacts, or Emailed Contacts).
    7) Click on 'Export'
    8) A .csv file will be downloaded to your computer.
    9) In Outlook, go to (file?) and click on import....
    Follow the instructions and your contacts should now be available on Outllook.
    10) warning - contacts you make on your phone or you computer after this will not be synced between Outlook and Zimbra.

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