hi !

i'm trying to connect my zimbra briefcase into webdrive under win7 x64.
does anybody success it ?

The connection looks Ok but i only see a briefcase file and not the content !
When i dbclick on it, nothing appens, and by the way there is redcross icon on this briefcase file....so what's the problem ?

i also provide this information into webdrive :
-connect by server type (sftp,websav,ftp,etc.)
-server type: webdav
-connect securely
-url : https://my_webmail_url/service/dav/my_email/Briefcase/
-use default port (443)
-no certificate
-username : my email
-passsword : my password !

so, if anyone can help me (and only speak about webdrive software here), i'll be glad.