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    This isn't strictly speaking a desktop issue, but I didn't see any other forums so apologies if there is a better forum for this question.

    We have a new installation and some users need to reserve meeting rooms / locations on behalf of other parties that are not on Zimbra, and don't want those meetings/reservations on their personal calendars.

    There are two varieties to this situation:

    1) A secretary needs to reserve a conference room for 3rd parties not on Zimbra, and not book herself into the meeting.

    2) Someone needs to reserve a conference room for multiple days but does not want it to reflect on his own personal calendar. I.E. the room is busy but he is free.

    Any suggestions?

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    1. Share the room's calendar to someone and let them create appointments/meetings directly on the calendar. Certain details of how a meeting invitation generated from this will work may vary depending on what's used for this (Zimbra Web Client, Zimbra Connector for Outlook, a CalDAV client, etc.).

    2. Book the room normally, but then in your own version of the meeting, set your availability to "Free". I believe this won't change the availability of the room, but you should test.

    3. Book the room, but when doing so, create the appointment on a secondary calendar which you have created. When you create said calendar, check the box for "Exclude this calendar when reporting free/busy times".

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