Hello. I have been trying to import my MS Live contacts (via CSV) and have not been able to get the email addresses into the "email" address field. I can get them into the "Other" field which is tagged as "email".

But the latter does not allow the auto-fill when entering emails in the "To" field of a new email. But once I go into the Contact and manually move the email address in the Zimbra "Email" address field, I can then use the auto-fill.

I do not see a way to do any data import mapping.

I tried to create a contact in Zimbra, export that and then use that file to import a new contact. Still, the email address goes into the "Other" field which is correctly tagged as an "email"...not the "email" field which then allows auto-population when entering names in the To field.

Any ideas how I can rectify this? These are not messy contacts (FName, LName and Email only)...but I have a lot (300+).

Many thanks!