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Thread: Simple High Level question

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    Default Simple High Level question

    I am only a few hours into looking at Zimbra (it looks freakin fantastic by the way) but I am looking for information on one feature that may or may not exist.

    Is there a WebDAV (web folder) like client built into Zimbra? OGo has this feature built in but I really like Zimbra and think its the best way to go.

    If it does not exist is it in the plans?

    I thought it might have it when I saw that shared document authoring was available in the latest release but the more I look it seems like its more of a WIKI feature and not WebDAV.

    Maybe I could create a WebDAV zimlet if one does not already exist.

    thanks for your patience!


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    Default server, yes; client, no

    We're working on providing WebDAV/CalDAV access to your Zimbra data. But we're not yet integrating a WebDAV client to access external data. Please feel free to work on one!
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