Again, great client. I've got our main postfix install sending to my local account and my zimbra account and I am using zimbra entirely with very few problems thus far. A bug or two and a request or two:

-Bug: When in the calendar, and I try to edit an event, once or twice a day the event never opens, and I have a circle-slash icon and have to reload the browser. Just seems to crash the instance, or at least halt it.

-Request: I saw the screenshots of the shared cals, I assume that is in the next milestone before thanksgiving (hopefully)

-Request: The tab key. When composing, I can tab from the address fields down to the Subject, but then have to put the cursor on the message body and click there. Tab seems to go around and around and eventually will get the message body.

-Request: Spell check (looks as though this is on the way)

-Request: docs to integrate this with our current ldap dir, postfix/courier, and database. I know, not for a while, I think if I say it enough, maybe it will just show up :-) Do you see a port for solaris 9 or 10? as we are a solaris shop.

Thanks for all your work. Who is behind this again? Former BEA CTO and others? How is this profitable at the present time or is the plan to license? Our CEO doesn't believe me when I told him this is free. He's of the windoze mentality and does not understand the open source concept.