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Thread: Send As - select sending account mod

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    Default Send As - select sending account mod

    I need to know if this can be done or if it could be created as an add on for a realistic LOE.

    We need the ability to be able to choose the sender account without having to actually add that account to a user's profile.

    We run a network services company with a dozen lines of business. This means a lot of us have 10-20 email accounts we have to monitor and also be able to send mail from.

    We can set up forwards to combine the accounts and make things easier to manage but if we want to be able to send mail as that user / account it seems the only way to do so is to add the account to our profiles.

    Is there another way to solve this?

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    Unfortunately no. There is no Zimlet that would accomplish this. this is also true for Microsoft Exchange. if you wish to Send As any domain or Email alias you will have to add the account as an SMTP account at least.
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