The original bug number 62233 was filed on 07-20-2011 because I am not been able to search within documents created using the briefcase create document feature. I also posted a error message which I was receiving in case the error message was some how related. For the next 6 months the bug was repeatedly marked closed, fixed, or resolved and I attempted repeatedly to convince the Bugzilla staff that the bug actually existed. The bug was closed on 2012-02-10 because the error message was fixed. This was upsetting because I filed the bug because I can not use the search document feature. I did not file the bug because I was receiving an error message. The bug was not fixed, and some progress towards resolving the bug was lost. The new bug 69588 was opened 01-26-2012 and I continue to try and convince the bugzilla staff that this bug exist while they continue to mark the bug fixed, closed, resolved, or will not fix.

On 2012-03-12 Jon Dybik marked the bug as invalid claiming the bug was related to attachments, this bug was never related to attachments.

I am certain the briefcase search does not work, search should work, and this is not a feature limitation but this is a programming error.

I have contacted VMware about this issue and the representative tryed to be helpful but I have yet to see results.

This experience with the way Vmware runs their bugzilla has forever tarnished my opinion of the company and their products.