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Thread: Shared address books and "index bar"

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    Default Shared address books and "index bar"

    We recently upgraded to Zimbra 7.1.4 NE from v6, and now the executive assistants are complaining about a problem using the "index bar" with shared address books.

    With the Contacts or local address books, clicking on the "H" in the index bar shows all the entries beginning with the letter 'H.' However, doing the same thing with a shared address book returns nothing, even though the "Include Shared Items" is enabled, and you can search for entries, which will show up with no problems. Here's what I mean, using attached files:

    The first jpg shows the default from contacts, where the "All" button in the index bar is highlighted, and the entire list of contacts is listed on the left side column.

    The second jpg shows my contact list, limited to entries starting with the letter "B." Only those entries beginning with the letter "B" are listed in the left side column.

    The thrid jpg shows a shared contact list. All entries are listed in the left hand column. As you can see, there's only 1 entry that begins with the letter "C"

    The problem is displayed in the last jpg, where when the shared address book is highlighted, and the letter "C" is selected in the "index bar," we get "No Results Found."

    This is a huge problem for the executive assistants, because although using the search function on the shared address books does work, they NEED to be able to just click on one of those letters in the index bar and see all the entries in that shared address book.

    Thanks in advance,

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