I'm trying to write a filter using wildcards to match the spammers I'm getting slammed by.
The spam is from emails that look like I could effectively match against them somewhat uniquely because they include a subdomain and several dashes.
for example:

I would like to create a filters like:
From / matches wildcard condition / *@*-*.*.com
but I cannot get it to match.

Through trial and error the only match I have been able to get so far is *-* which is clearly too broad. Other things that do NOT match include x* *com so I'm at a loss how this wildcard works.

Can anybody explain more specifically how the wildcard works and what its limitations are and/or help me write a filter that works?

I have read what online documentation I could find and am familiar with regular expressing matching in various languages, so I do not need to re-read the lesson in how to match for "w*banana".

I'm using a commercial webmail service that runs zimbra, so I have no idea what the specs under the hood are.