I know it's not a completely new question but I didn't see any resolution about this, here is my issue.

I have a shared calendar with my office where everyone in the office can see who in the office is on PTO.
I have a shared calendar with my team (spreaded over offices) where everyone in the team can see who in the team in on PTO
I have my personal calendar that display "free/busy" status when someone from the company wants to schedule a meeting with me.

At the moment I have to enter 3 times my PTO for each of those calendars. Seems to me that I would benefit from a feature where I can select multiple calendars for my entry.

Also to reduce the pain, I thought I could tell at least one of the 2 shared calendars to report that as free/busy so I don't have to enter anything in my personal calendar but then when anyone says he's on PTO I'm marked as being away...

Did I miss anything ?

Zimbra 7.1.2