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Thread: Schedule : Propose next free time

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    Default Schedule : Propose next free time

    i'm currently evaluating zimbra and have a question about "scheduling a meeting" operation.

    Does zimbra can propose automatically the next free slot where all the attendees of my meeting are not busy ?
    For now i think i just have to navigate one day after another to visually find that slot. For very busy people, it could be vey long to finally find a free slot !!!

    If not available, is it a planned feature ?

    Features i'd like to find also. Are they planned ?

    - For attendees in meeting : Mandatory / Not mandatory. So the "find free slot" feature could focus on mandatory attendees for my meeting.

    - For a meeting : Type of meeting and color code for each type, to quickly visualize my week. Ex Blue meetings are internal; red are learning days and so on.

    - For calendar : A way to view easily a set of calendars. For example, i want to create a SET A that let me see in one clic all calendars of the people that are in this set.

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    Any update to this post? We are interested in this features as well. It is something our GroupWise users insist on having available.

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    Default Bugzilla!

    Please make sure that this is filed in bugzilla. If it hasn't yet been filed, file it and tell us exactly what you want from the feature. And make sure to vote on the feature if you care about it -- that allows us to track community interest and prioritize features.

    Posting on the boards will get you more immediate feedback, but things need to go through bugzilla to actually get fixed/implemented.
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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