i'm currently evaluating zimbra and have a question about "scheduling a meeting" operation.

Does zimbra can propose automatically the next free slot where all the attendees of my meeting are not busy ?
For now i think i just have to navigate one day after another to visually find that slot. For very busy people, it could be vey long to finally find a free slot !!!

If not available, is it a planned feature ?

Features i'd like to find also. Are they planned ?

- For attendees in meeting : Mandatory / Not mandatory. So the "find free slot" feature could focus on mandatory attendees for my meeting.

- For a meeting : Type of meeting and color code for each type, to quickly visualize my week. Ex Blue meetings are internal; red are learning days and so on.

- For calendar : A way to view easily a set of calendars. For example, i want to create a SET A that let me see in one clic all calendars of the people that are in this set.