I have a home network of which I am the account holder. There is currently an unauthorized administrator controlling my access with this software. While researching information on this software, I realize it is more complicated than I can deal with, and am beseaching you for assistance to help me block this from using my computer at will.
I have recently had my Visa account compromised, although I am not certain the two are related. I currently use a 2011 MacBook pro OS x Lion 10.7. It has crashed on me once and frozen up on me several times when trying to access sites on the internet. My email passwords are changed on a daily basis, and I am frequently kicked off my wireless internet connection. These are just some of the issues I have been experiencing for the past 6 months to a year. It doesn't matter what security program I download, it is easily infiltrated and turned off.
My internet provider cannot help me and have suggested I phone the police. I would only like to do this as a last resort, and am sincerely hoping you can help me.
My name is Kathy Oddie
ph #281 210 4761