Hi all,

I'm quite new with Zimbra, but I've got a strange behaviour when trying to share a notebook.

Let's say I've got two users: user1 and user2. User1 creates a new notebook and decides to share it with user2. He names the notebook "Carnet de user1" (the translation of "User1's notebook" in French) and adds user2's email as admin.

User2 receives the mail and accept the shared notebook. The dialog shows the shared notebook's name (ie "Carnet de user1"). When user2 clicks OK then he's able to see the shared notebook in the notebook explorer. So everythings seems fine !

But when user2 tries to see the shared notebook, he receives a "404 Page not found" error instead of the shared notebook document list !

I used Firebug to spy the requested URL and saw http://mail.zimbra.lab/home/user2@zi...k%20de%20user1 (which results in a 404 Page not found) instead of http://mail.zimbra.lab/home/user2@zi...t%20de%20user1 - Note that "Carnet" has been translated to "Notebook" . If user1 use the last URL in a browser, he's able to see the shared notebook.

Is it a bug (Zimbra translates words in URL) or did I miss a configuration somewhere ?

Zimbra 6.0.15_GA / French language configured for both users / Browser configured with French locale.