2 problems / issues here (may be my configuration)

1) When logged in to the admin console I only see a tab to manage attachments on the Global Settings not on a per domain basis. Is this the only way to manage attachments in Zimbra?

2) When I go into Attachments it looks like all of them are allowed (they are all on the left column) but when I try and send a a .exe attachment I get an error. OK so I go and move the exe attachment to the right side and save it I then try to send teh attachement and I get a failure message.

I would not think I would have to reload Zimbra for this so why did Not see an affected change. I have all services turned on for this domain.

Does the attachment tab affect the amavisd configurations? I see in the amavisd.conf an area called soft-blacklists where exe seems to be rejected. Does this conf file get updated by the zimbra admin console?