Hi..In our testing we have found few things, which are logical and are missing in USER INTERFACE. Just our feedback for truly professional user Interface that Zimbra is providing for all the complex stuff in the back

1) Once a "Search" is built using Search Builder there is no way to EDIT it. Whole idea of SAVING a search is assuming people do lots of saved searched and they may be using COMPLEX criterion.
So in my opinion Saved Searches Criteria Should be Editable.
* I am big fan of search; in big enterprise people like to find stuff fast. Key to be contender to Enterprise Software is information tracking and retrieval

2) How can user create "Special Search" mask ..like you already have 4 predefined masks (URL, PHONE, LINK, TRACKING)..it would be cool to have User created masks..i.e: if company has order numbers like XYZ-00000000
User can create Search Mask for "XYZ -*" string and do some Action like LINK it or something
* This can attract large number of sales/support companies

3) I have 5000 emails in my inbox in Zimbra (100 messages/ page) and I cannot JUMP to page 25 (2500th message) I have to click 25 times on next Arrows <- 0 100 ->
* Jump to or select PAGE is very common in most of the web-mail user interfaces

4) After composing Email..when you click on SEND..interface is not responsive till the time system connects to MTA and put mail in QUE if its a BUSY system it get stuck for few seconds and user donít see ANY PROGRESS BAR or message that Zimbra is trying to send email..so to user it looks like STUCK.
* Anything telling user Zimbra is working while sending mail is cool to have to remove this confusion.

More input as we goÖ
Posted some stuff in ADMIN forums to know about backups..if anyone can take a look

Good work guys..keep it up
Raj S Vrach