I'd like to create some Zimbra filters, which are based on some existing Outlook rules.
My setup is as follows. Our company server is Zimbra 7.1.3_GA_3374, with the ZCO client I'm obviously using Outlook (2010) and I have some local Outlook rules set (and in Zimbra Advanced settings having set "enabled local rules"). As I am not always using my pc with Outlook (also webmail or Android mail client), new incoming messages are not processed when Outlook is not running.
Therefore I tried to migrate those Outlook rules into Zimbra filters. Unfortunately, although my setup didn't look too complicated, the filter doesn't process the emails like I want. I believe because it's a combination of conditions that have AND & OR values in Outlook, while Zimbra seems only to be able to set "any" or "all" conditions.

Is there a magic tric to combine several conditions?

As example, here is one of my Outlook rules:

Apply this rule
- after the message arrives
- sent to email1 or email2
- and from email3 or email4 or email5
- and with "to do" in the subject
- flag message
- and assing to "todo" category
- and move it to the "todo" folder
- and mark it as read
- except if it is an automatic reply
- stop processing more rules

Firstly, as you can see, the conditions are: (sent only to me) AND (to [email1] OR [email2] ) AND (from [email3] OR [email4] OR [email5] )
So, can you make the conditions in Zimbra with those AND & OR statements?

Secondly, is there something possible to set the exception "if it is an automatic reply"?

Thanks for any hints and help