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Thread: Hard quotas dangerous?

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    Default Hard quotas dangerous?

    Does it strike anyone else as a problem that Zimbra's mailbox quotas are hard limits? To me, bouncing emails is the most extreme step possible - even more extreme than locking the user out of the account. If emails are going to be bounced it seems it should be preceeded by nasty messages, then by not allowing the user to send mail, and then by not allowing the user to log in.

    Some emails can't be resent, and if they are bounced once they are lost forever. That makes using quotas a pretty dangerous prospect in my eyes. I know the Zimbra team is working on better notification, but I'd like to see an alternative to the hard limit. How do you feel about it?

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    There currently are a couple of bugs related to this...

    Would a fix to either/both these bugs help?
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    Yes, would certainly do it for me. Thanks!

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