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Thread: Adding To headers to the email message view (received messages)

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    Question Adding To headers to the email message view (received messages)

    I'd actually like to display the To header alongside my From header in the email message view. If I right-click on the headers bar, I see that I can add or remove a number of headers like size, folder, received, etc but the To header does not appear. Does anyone know if there's a way to add the To field to the email message view?


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    Ok, I thought I had done a thorough search but apparently not thorough enough. I did find a bugzilla entry for this. It's here: Bug 19754 – "To" column for inbox

    I would like to encourage anyone who desires this feature to go and vote for the bug so that perhaps we can get this added functionality in Zimbra. It doesn't seem to have very many votes so far and it's been in bugzilla since 2007. I'm not a developer but it seems that something like this might be fairly trivial to add. They probably just need more votes or something.


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