Our administration recently upgraded to 7.2.0_GA_2669 (build 20120410002323). As an executive assistant who relies heavily on monitoring the calendars of several executives, I was dismayed by the change to calendar color blocks. I know that in technology, change marches on, and in time, I'd likely get used to the little color bar, rather than having the entire entry in color. However, the colors are not true. Yellow is pale limey (though the color swatch in the choice area is bright and strong). Medium gray is pale blue. Orange is anemic, except for the unaccepted entries. I don't know how many others find this change unhelpful, but the few people I've mentioned it to have shared my concern. I would be grateful if something could be done to at LEAST strengthen and true the colors that are used in the event band to identify each users' calendar. This would help me appreciate the other new features of Zimbra calendar more.