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    Default trying to tie pieces together

    got a series of questions about using zimbra. I'll say that I'm really impressed and looking forward to using it as my primary e-mail system. Plus a whole bunch of other really cool things

    1) I have three e-mail addresses that I use esj@{,,} and I'm trying to figure out how to read all of them via the web client. Now the first major requirement is that they are separate buckets for e-mail. They cannot be merged in any way because they have three distinct uses and audiences. The desktop client seems to handle that role relatively well but, it's lacking in other areas.

    2) I have an e-mail box at a client site, I understand I can put it in as an external account. Is that handled as if it were a proxy to the real mail server or is the information copied locally?

    3) bidirectional synchronization with Google calendar? Is it possible?

    4) anybody have experience integrating with 5 PM? I made calendar work but I'm trying to figure out how to get tasks in there.

    5) handicap accessibility. I am hand disabled and need to use speech recognition. Unfortunately, with all of the singlekey sequences, the risk of using speech recognition in zimbra is too high so I'm effectively without accessibility. Is there anyway I can remap all of the keystrokes to have a special prefix? If I can move the command keys out of damage zone caused by a misrecognition's, it would be possible to build and accessibility layer.

    I notice a lot of questions and I expect it will take some time to get them all answered.
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