Hi All,

First let me apologize if this is the wrong forum, I did search and was unable to find anything along these lines.

I had installed Zimbra OSE to test it out and learn more. It worked great for a while. I had maybe 6 or 7 accounts on it, and used the Zimbra Desktop client with IMAP. Unfortunately the computer it was running on kept crashing and eventually corrupted the install. That server is not accessible anymore. I was unable to figure out how to repair, so I simply installed it fresh on my VMWare ESXi box.

What is the best method to move the emails from the client back to the new install of Zimbra OSE? Is there a way for IMAP to use the client as the source? Or would I need to try renaming profiles and dragging and dropping things into newly created profiles?

Any information would be helpful, thanks in advance.