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Thread: Search function and filing resulting messages in folders

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    Exclamation Search function and filing resulting messages in folders

    With the new search function in ZCS 8, it creates a completely new paradigm of workflow.
    We lose the complete function of quickly and easily drag-n-drop resulting messages to folders. It's kind of a primary function of maintaining good taxonomy and organization of messages plus bulk filing on the fly.

    The designers/decisionmakers of this wanted the search functions to be more featured but it has completely the opposite effect on productivity. Having to use the drop-down chooser really slows down productivity plus is a complete departure of a regular and familiar work flow of Zimbra users over three versions.

    This was a very bad executive decision on your part. Please return this function. It has caused a serious rift in my organization as to the integrity of the Zimbra company in making these command decisions without any notice so that an entire enterprise can transition. For us, it's a showstopper.

    Please vote for this Return From Enhancement (RFE) at
    Bug 69043 – provide an option for search results to not be in separate tab
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