I have recently been migrated to Zimbra from GroupWise and I am trying to figure out how to get Zimbra to sort my email similar to how I did it in GroupWise.

In GroupWise I had email rules (many of them) that would sort email based on a set of criteria (domain name, subject, etc .. ). I can do the same in Zimbra for the sorting (or filter) criteria, but it is the trigger that I am having difficulty with. It seems in Zimbra, the only trigger I have to work with is in-coming and out-going new mail. This makes it difficult for me since the filter runs at the server, new email gets sorted before it hits the inbox. This results in me not getting any notification on my Blackberry for new mail as well as the parent folder having no indication there is a new message in a child folder. In GroupWise I could choose different triggers, and I used one that ran the rules on client open as well as force run any time I wanted it to run. So through out the day, email would drop into my in box and stay there. My mobile device would get the notifications it needed. Then once I would restart the mail client, the rules would sort the mail into my customer folders for me.

This made it very easy to manage my inbox, and made searching customer folders easier for me as well. I would really like to get this kind of functionality back. Is there anything in the Zimbra Desktop Client (not always in online mode when I work in email) that I am missing that will let me change the trigger of a filter? or is there a Zimlet (that has not popped up in my searches) that will do this?