I've been casting about looking for an answer to some questions I have, and just am not finding them. So I'm hoping that folks on this forum can help me out.

I'm considering migrating the business I work for to Zimbra, using a hosted Zimbra solution. We're all Mac users running Entourage. Two of us sync calendars and contacts to Palm devices: One syncs to a Clie, the other to a Treo, and they both sync 2-way using Palm software, not iSync.

My question is whether using Zimbra will have an effect on how they sync. I think I know the answer ("no" / "probably not"), but I want to test my logic. Here's why I think that:

  1. Entourage will sync calendars with the Zimbra server.
  2. Entourage will sync calendars with the Palm device.
  3. At no point is the Palm sync software actually dealing with the Zimbra server.

Does this logic make sense? Is there a scenario where having Zimbra in the loop is liable to change how the sync handles data?

Sorry if this is vague, but it's difficult to test this as the people using Palm devices are using them for production, essentially, and I can't just borrow them to test with. I need to know exactly what I have to test before I start testing.