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Thread: Can someone help my wheezy 3-yr-old PC work better w/Zimbra?

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    Question Can someone help my wheezy 3-yr-old PC work better w/Zimbra?

    Hi all. Any help/advice (other than buying a new PC $igh ) most appreciated. Some sort of related problems:

    1- When I use the advanced version of the Zimbra client (we run 7.1.4 GA_2555), at WORK on a 1-year-old or so PC, all looks right. On my 3-year-old otherwise-OK PC (Win 7 etc., have run several malware/etc. safe Fred Langa-approved utilities), the toolbars -- half the icons are gone (see attachments). In Firefox (we're supposed to run ESR version), IE (9) and latest Chrome -- all 3! And I can't download/open a lil QT .MOV file that I can when logged in at work - the icon doesn't even show (even after reinstall of QT player). (I run no funky odd drivers, software - Kaspersky is the anti-virus software - everything else on PC seems to run fine.) On my Netbook, everything looks fine when logged in. But my PC - the video driver is up to date, things play well otherwise, why in the world would it be stripping out the graphic icons and other oddities? Anyone have a clue?

    2-I have pruned but still have, um, 25K work e-mails going back a few months (hey, it's a TV newsroom). Outlook at work with the Zimbra connector does just fine. At home, I have set it up in Outlook 2010 as well, so it grabs both my home e-mail (far less, fine) and of course works hard to sync with all that e-mail on the work server. (Just like the Android Zimbra app is always syncing, oy;-) I've managed to make it work OK - occasional 'not working" freeze-ups in the browsers. But now, it looks every time I try to shut it down, which no doubt plays havoc with the sync and just gets me closer to hosing things entirely.

    I know, get a new PC or use the netbook for work or ... take it to Geek Squad. Just wondering if I'm missing something obvious. Thanks folks.
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