Some small but to me important things that I miss after moving from Outlook:

- Quickly copying events with ctrl-c and paste multiple times with ctrl-v or otherwise, without opening the event edit window each time.
- Change the background color of events to match certain categories. I know there are labels, but they are not as clearly visible as a background change of the whole event.

I am a teacher, and I have to put lessons in my Zimbra agenda: hundreds of events with often the same descriptions (Physics, Electricity, etc...) and duration (usually 3 hours), but on different dates and times, and linked to different categories (in my case: classes or groups of students). The way I have to do this now in Zimbra takes a lot of time.
And of course I also miss synchronization with Android, right from the desktop version, or with the software for my smartphone .....
Although I'm not wanting to support Microsoft too much, and I think Zimbra is fairly strong, I might revert to Outlook because of these features.

Beste regards, Maxx