I have a problem with the osx addressbook url field. I added an 'homepage'-field to my contacts to store website urls and ftp addresses.
Especially for ftp addresses I enter the url with username and password, e.g.

In the zimbra database the following is stored: ftp\://username\:password@ftp.server.com Every colon is 'escaped' with a backslash.

If I view this contact on the client computer where I entered this contact in osx addressbook everything looks ok and is displayed as ftp://username:password@ftp.server.com.
without the backslash.

When I view this contact on a different computer where the addressbook is also connected to zimbra via CardDAV I see the same malformed address like in the zimbra web UI: ftp\://username\:password@ftp.server.com. When I try to edit the contact in addressbook I get the backslash encoded as %5C.

osx and addressbook version on every client computer is the same: 10.6.8 and 5.0.3 (883).
Zimbra is 7.2.1_GA_2790 32bit on Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS
I know - it's deprecated - but I could not get the 64bit version running.

I can edit the field in the zimbra web UI and everything is ok. But every new entered contact suffers the same problem. And I can't use it as a hyperlink - which is annoying.

Anyone has a clue ?